Gliffy is an online graphical organizer similar to Inspiration.  It is jammed packed with symbols and allows users to easily create, share, and collaborate.   Users can create and share diagrams, flow charts, brainstorming and more.  It allows collaboration, but does not support multiple users working on the same diagram at the same time.  A user can share a diagram and another user can work on the same diagram.  Refreshing is a little clunky, often requiring a user to log back in to have a diagram refreshed.

Gliffy offers free accounts and premium accounts.  The free account limits users to 5 diagrams.  The $30 premium accounts provides additional features.

Alternatives is a very nice free brainstorming program.  Users are limited to rounded rectangles and collaboration is weak.  You have to try it out just so you can delete a bubble to see it disappear in a puff of smoke.

Mindomo is another alternative with both free and premium versions.  A community library of maps is available for everyone to access.  No realtime ollaboration.

Mindmeister is an online collaboration tools which allows sychronous users to collaborate on the same diagram.  It also provides both free and premium accounts.  The limitation is that the diagrams support lines with text and small icons.  You give up the cool symbols Inspiration using educators have become familar using.

Updated by Andy Mann  Feb. 5, 2008