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“Tag - You’re Delicious!” a PBS Teachers blog article by Andy Carvin

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Key ideas:

Value of tagging – you decide on the key words which have meaning to you.  For example, if you learned about a site from a conference or from a particular individual, you can tag the site with a word to help you remember, such as miracola, mvu, or necc.  As a set of common tag throughout using tagging a site start to emerge.  This common set of terms, which have come about from a group defining a site, not from an outside organization organizing the site, is called, “folksomomy”.

No limit to the number of tags you can assign a bookmark.  You can use any word you’d like to tag a site.  Tags are separate by spaces.  Tags may not have spaces_in_the_tag_name.  Sometimes tags are suggested based on what others have used or what the site might suggest.  These are listed on the bottom and you just need to click on it to add it.

Can also look at what others are finding for a tag.  If you are a registered user, you can add that site to your site.  Popular are sites which have been recently tagged by a lot of different people.

Import bookmarks under settings.  Can also export the page and open in a web browser.

When we bookmark a site, the bookmark contains some other important information.  It shows how many others have bookmarked that same page.

Viewing tag options: by tag, e.g. Web2.0.  View tags by name, by list, and then by alphabetic order or by frequency.  Darker pink represents more users have tagged this site.  Popular pages are more often better pages. 

Your “network” allows you to save bookmarks for other people.  That person must have a account.  You add their name to your network.  You can view their tags, but you can also tag a site specifically for a user on your network by clicking on their name in the “your network” section.  They will see these tags when they click on the “links for you” link on the top of their page.

Can also “subscribe” to others links under subscriptions (subs.) You can subscribe by tag or narrow and add user name. 

Post – allows you to add a URL when you’re not on a computer with the buttons installed.  You must still log in.  Description is required.

Share you bookmarks is easy.  Just decide on a common tag, such as “cisdmathk6” At anytime you can quickly find these resources by going to cisdmathk6 ç where this is the name of the tag.  Must use a tag name not used by many other people. ç where this is the name of the tag you want to search.  Click “all” to see all of these.

Updated by Andy Mann  Feb. 5, 2008