AirSet is a free online organization tool where you arrange your life by creating "groups." You can define any number of groups, centered around projects or have specific groups for work, family, sports, etc.
Each group has a calendar and a contact list associated with it. Each group can also have lists, tasks, links, file sharing, image sharing, wiki, and website each group. Groups can be made up of a different be members.  Family members can be a part of one group, sharing family calendars and colleagues can be a part of another group, sharing projects and task lists to complete a project.  The program even has connections to allow connections to your group via your cell phones.
A unique feature is that AirSet provides a free tool which will allow users to synchronize their Outlook or GroupWise calendars and contacts with AirSet.  Current this doesn't sync with Mac but it does allow iCal calendar to be import/exported into AirSet.

This is an entirely free program.  They do have a "for fee" service which allows viewing, updating and the syncing of data via a cell phone.

Basecamp is an alternative to airset.  It provides similar tools along with additional project management tools.  Premium plans start at $12 a month.

Updated by Andy Mann  Feb. 5, 2008